Hike around Jhumka dam and reservoir

The Jhumka dam and reservoir are located in the Chandaka forest in Khorda district, Odisha. During the rainy season, it’s impossible to hike on the bank of the reservoir, but the rest of the year, the water level subsides and one can have a nice walk along the shore of the lake. The reservoir is a short drive for me and I usually go there with my dog, Bongo, once a month for a hike.

Every time I have been to Jhumka reservoir for a hike, we walk on the grassier side of the lake for about a couple of kilometers and then turn back. The other side of the lake is covered by a thick forest with uneven terrain extending to the shore of the lake. On multiple occasions, the thought of hiking around the entire lake has popped into my head but pushed it away due to not being adequately prepared or there not being enough time before nightfall.

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