Driving from Bhubaneswar, Odisha to Yuksom, Sikkim on Tata Nexon EV Max

Towards the end of April 2024, I drove my Nexon EV Max from Mahura, Bhubaneswar, Odisha to Kalimpong, West Bengal, about 1100 km. The passengers were my dog and me, and a lot of luggage, including camping gear. I’d say the weight of the passengers and luggage in the car was about 135 kilos. This is a trip report sharing my overall experience driving an electric vehicle over a long distance and hilly roads.

The purpose? To escape the sweltering heat of Bhubaneswar, and ride the summers out in the hills of West Bengal and Sikkim. I’m fortunate to have a remote job that allows me this flexibility.

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Hike around Jhumka dam and reservoir

The Jhumka dam and reservoir are located in the Chandaka forest in Khorda district, Odisha. During the rainy season, it’s impossible to hike on the bank of the reservoir, but the rest of the year, the water level subsides and one can have a nice walk along the shore of the lake. The reservoir is a short drive for me and I usually go there with my dog, Bongo, once a month for a hike.

Every time I have been to Jhumka reservoir for a hike, we walk on the grassier side of the lake for about a couple of kilometers and then turn back. The other side of the lake is covered by a thick forest with uneven terrain extending to the shore of the lake. On multiple occasions, the thought of hiking around the entire lake has popped into my head but pushed it away due to not being adequately prepared or there not being enough time before nightfall.

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Drive to Koraput on Tata Nexon EV Max

Koraput is a town in southern Odisha surrounded by mountains, waterfalls, and forests. We travelled to Koraput from Bhubaneswar on my Tata Nexon EV Max (2022), which has a 40.5 kWh battery that can do around 300-330 km on a single charge. The passengers included my wife, our pet dog and me. We also had a bunch of luggage, a tent and a portable 5kg gas stove for camping.

Doing long trips on an EV in India can be challenging, depending on where you start and your destination. I share this trip report with the hope that it helps others planning to visit this scenic town. The report will focus on our drive to Koraput and some well-known places rather than the places themselves. If you are interested in a summary, you can scroll down to the overall trip summary section.

We made this trip in Oct, 2023. The blog talks about the state of charging at that period of time. Please check the charging infrastructure on Plugshare or other apps when planning your trip.

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Contributing to Wikimedia software projects

Lately, I’ve received numerous emails from new open-source contributors requesting guidance in contributing to Wikimedia software projects. There are a lot of useful resources available, and this post is an effort to gather these resources in one place. Time to get your reading hats on.

Some background: I work as a software engineer in the Product department at the Wikimedia Foundation since 2019. The information / views shared on this blog are my own, and do not necessarily reflect the views of my employer.

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Lekhan (लेखन) – A journaling system

At the end of the year, I enjoy looking back and reviewing memorable moments from that year. It gives me happiness, a sense of accomplishment and fulfilment. Unfortunately, I’ve not been doing a good job of tracking these events. I don’t take many photos or write reviews since I don’t know where to post them. I’m not very comfortable with storing all my data with Google or other big tech hence I plan to host / build something simple myself.

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Checklist to rent a house in India

I like checklists. They give me confidence that I’ve covered everything of importance, and if I did miss something, I can go back and update the checklist so that I don’t miss it the next time. I recently shifted cities and had to look for a new place to rent. I prepared this checklist to keep track of things we want to have in the new house.

In the last decade, I’ve lived in 3 rented houses. This list reflects my preferences. Please conduct your research based on your requirements. I’m sharing it here with the hope that it helps someone and that others can build on top of it.

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